Bangladeshi TikTok users celebrated FIFA World Cup™ frenzy in style

C.B.Desk: The world was engulfed in the FIFA World Cup™ fever these last few weeks and TikTok was no exception. In Bangladesh, the TikTok community celebrated the world’s biggest sporting event in style, creating exciting content using the hashtags #FIFAWorldCup and #FootballFan and cheering their favourite football teams and players.

Some of Bangladesh’s most popular celebrities and content creators also took part in the craze with their vibrant, fun, and creative content expressing their love for the game. From sharing on-ground glimpses to expressing their emotions during the World Cup matches, the TikTok community in Bangladesh relished all the ups and downs of the tournament.

The hashtags #FIFAWorldCup and #FootballFan had over 2.5 billion views and over 200 million views globally respectively, featuring videos of some of the most prominent content creators in Bangladesh, including sports icons like Jamal Harris Bhuyan, captain of Bangladesh national football team, popular creators like Shihab Hasan Neyon, Johanfreestyle, Raiyan’s Review and many others. Thanks to their innovative and engaging content during the tournament, the content creators are also seeing a rise in the number of their followers on TikTok.

The creators also shared their nostalgic football moments with their fans along with funny skits and football stats. Other content creators across Bangladesh joined in to support their favourite teams, while some shared their views about their favourite team’s performance in a fun and entertaining manner.

Some of them also got a chance to travel all the way to Qatar to attend the greatest show on earth! Shihab Hasan Neyon was invited by TikTok to attend The Globe Soccer Awards 2022 in Dubai–one of the biggest international award ceremonies in football.

“Not only have I got to attend my first international award event, but I also got the chance to interview Fabrizio Romano, one of the most renowned football journalists. Romano also shared the interview himself! This was a big moment for me as a creator and I want to convey my thanks to TikTok for inviting me there,” shares Neyon.

Apart from creators, the football community in Bangladesh have also been proactive on TikTok during this festive football season. They participated in dance challenges, in trends, wowed us with their freestyle skills and engaged with their followers throughout the tournament.

TikTok has become a vibrant hub of sports content in Bangladesh. It nurtures incredible, never-seen-before sporting content, while enabling creators to relive and remix some of the best moments in sports. TikTok offers its Bangladeshi community new ways of creating content and engaging with sports, with exciting in-app effects, as well as cool features and filters for the sports community to enjoy.

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