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TEAMGROUP to Hold 2021 International Wallpaper Design Contest

C.B.Desk: In response to today’s rising demand for creative content, leading provider of memory products TEAMGROUP is holding the 2021 International Wallpaper Design Contest under its creator-focused brand T-CREATE. From now until April 30, TEAMGROUP cordially invites creators from all over the world to participate in. It hopes that creators can express their inner positivity and the spirit of spreading conviction, hope, and love to one another in times of difficulty through art.

To promote creativity and encourage creative minds around the world, TEAMGROUP is holding this design contest with the theme of “Stay Safe, Stay Creative” and providing numerous prizes, including a US$3,000 creator PC for the grand prize winner, and a T-CREATE series memory kit, a large-capacity SSD and a compatible ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR motherboard for the second prize winner. Those who focus on creativity, composition, beauty, and thematic relevance in their designs will all have a chance to win a spectacular prize. TEAMGROUP welcomes all creators to participate in and share their inspiring creativity with the world!

We encourage creators from all over the globe to submit unique works that can fully express their artistry in this wallpaper design contest. To show appreciation for participants and their boundless creativity, TEAMGROUP specially invited twocreators from abroad to join in and convey the brand spirit of T-CREATE by designing with the theme of “Stay Safe, Stay Creative”. We invite you to draw from inspirations that move you and bring forth new creative ideas with us. Get your creative juices flowing and submit your artwork now!

For more details, please refer to the event page on the official TEAMGROUP website. https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/events/2021tcwd_en/

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