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TEAMGROUP Signs Agreement with SYNNEX

C.B.Desk: Global memory leader TEAMGROUP recently announces its distribution agreement with SYNNEX Corporation, a leading provider of distribution, systems design and integration services for the technology industry, to expand its reach through SYNNEX resellers in North America. TEAMGROUP’s SSDs, as well as memory solutions from TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE brand, a line dedicated to gaming, will be available immediately to partners.

For years, TEAMGROUP has established a strong presence in North America. Starting with extensive development in EC channels since 2015, TEAMGROUP has secured a leading place in gaming and SI markets as the global trend of e-sports first emerged. In recent years, TEAMGROUP’s revenue and sales in B2B markets have had annual growths of over 50% on average, and the company has been expanding its presence in B2B and B2C markets. With the prevalence of working remotely and onlinelearning,

TEAMGROUP’s sales performance in the North American area has been taken to new heights. This agreement between TEAMGROUP and SYNNEX begins with gaming memory solutions from TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE, the gaming brand well-loved among gamers all over the world, as well as TEAM SSDs, a top choice for computer upgrades.

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