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TEAMGROUP Launches T-FORCE Gaming 3D Mask in 2021 for a Health-Conscious Future

The well-known global memory brand TEAMGROUP has always given back to the community and placed high importance on consumer interest worldwide. This is why in 2021 it will soon be releasing its brand-new T-FORCE Gaming 3D Mask, which is designed to be both a fashionable accessory and a shield against harmful particles. This stylish mask, symbolizing the vigor of the T-FORCE brand, will help gamers embark on a healthier, brighter new year.

T-FORCE Gaming 3D Mask is made with nanosilver and photocatalytic materials and has passed Taiwan’s CNS14774 certification test. It can block 99% of bacteria and viruses by guarding against harmful microorganisms, body fluids, and respiratory droplets. During its development, TEAMGROUP focused on durability and the need for communication while wearing masks for long periods of time. In doing so, it has gone beyond other face marks in the market. It has a 3D-shape that contours comfortably to the face and four layers of nonwoven fabric that prevent odor and residual smell. This design filters out airborne particles without affecting breathability. As always, TEAMGROUP maintains the brand spirit of T-FORCE by offering a product that not only exhibits a unique style but also offers the best user experience. The first batch of the limited T-FORCE Gaming 3D Mask will be given away and is not allowed to be resold. Starting from February in Taiwan, TEAMGROUP will begin collaborating in promotions with designated Taiwanese channels to sell T-FORCE’s full range of products, which will come with the T-FORCE Gaming 3D Mask for free. Afterwards, the masks will be given away in other promotions through overseas channels. Please refer to TEAMGROUP’s official community announcements for specific times and channel details.  Soon, health-conscious consumers worldwide can get their hands on TEAMGROUP’s sleek new masks and protect themselves and their community with flair.

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